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Canadian astronomers and instrument builders are heavily involved in other missions aimed at observing the universe in the far-infrared or sub-millimeter range.

> ODIN is a satellite which was designed and is used for both astronomy and earth observation. It was launched in 2001 and is scheduled to stop operating in 2005.
The ODIN satellite - artist's impression.
©SAL/University of Calgary
> ALMA is a very ambitious project that plans to put 64 12m diameter satellite dishes on a high plateau in the Chilean Andes, and to create a single picture from these 64 dishes operating in parallel. A first operating system is expected for 2006.  
The Atacama Large Millimeter Array - concept art.

> BLASTis a far-infrared camera mounted on a balloon. After being launched high into the atmosphere, it will circumnavigate the North Pole. The launch is planned for the end of 2005.  
The BLAST primary mirror.
©BLAST/University of Pennsylvania

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